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Bitcoin Pro is supposed to be a leading player in the crypto currency market, In this Bitcoin Pro Review we’ll check if BTCP has what it takes to become a better coin and take the king’s crown.

The claims on their website says that Bitcoin Pro (Ticker/Symbol BTCP) is better on every aspect from Bitcoin and will have a better value in the future because it’s only 2,100,000 coins Versus 21,000,000 Bitcoin coins – 21 Million vs 2.1 Million BTCP Coins. That’s +1 points in favor of Bitcoin Pro because who needs so many Bitcoins anyway? 21 million coins are too much.

15 sec block time compared to 10 minutes; This is very important, when you make a transaction with Bitcoin, it can take as much as 10 minutes if the block is available and sometimes even 40-60 minutes for a transaction to complete (if the blockchain is overloaded). With Bitcoin Pro it only takes about 15 seconds for your transaction to pass, this is an evolution, it’s so much faster and efficient we have to give it another +5 points to Bitcoin Pro.

Bitcoin currently (Dec 2020) traded at 26,000$ (click for updated price) while Bitcoin Pro is traded at around 0.00038$ per coin (click for updated price) . In terms of value increase, BTCP will probably get you more % on your money as time will pass. 0.1$ per coin and only 2.1 million coins available seems like a bargain, and we can see a brighter future for Bitcoin Pro going up in price to at least 800-100,000$ per coin (not a financial advice) if the adoption continues. But who knows? It might be the next big thing and it might not.

Update: May 2024
Our prediction got was spot on back then!
Now BitcoinPro BTCP is traded at around 13$-30$ per coin!!!
New prediction for Bitcoin Pro is we expect to get Lamborghini Revuelto per each coin, that’s about 615,000$ per every BTCP within several months/years! It might sound like a moon prediction but looking at technical analysis and their new features like multi block chain addon, it’s actually on the low side estimation. Not a financial advice!

Bitcoin Pro BTCP - Profit maker

Bitcoin Pro can definitely be the next big thing and it might give it’s early investors an amazing return for their investment like Bitcoin did. It does seems like it’s created to solve all the problems Bitcoin is struggling with but no one can ever be certain what’s going to happen. My feeling tells me that in the future, if you will only own 10 Bitcoin Pro, it could have a positive effect on your life.
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